AAA Credit ScoreComprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) is a change to credit reporting by banks in Australia.  

Previously, negative credit reporting was the system Australia operated under, which was based around only making a note of negative credit events such as missed repayments or defaults, bankruptcies and court judgments.

Under the new CCR, your credit report will become more detailed and will show a more complete & clearer picture of your credit history.

This includes your credit behaviour for home loans, credit cards and personal lending products. Your Credit file will now also include positive information such as your repayment history, existing debts facilities and on-time repayments. 

These changes may make it easier for some or harder for others to get credit or a loan. 


Your Credit Score Can Make or Break Your Finance Application!

It is good news if you have been paying off your credit card, loans & utilities bills on time, this will count towards your credit worthiness as you have been demonstrating your ability to responsibly manage debts; On the other hand if you are tardy with paying your bills, a poor credit history will be more obvious and you may kill any finance applications.

Making repayments on time is more important than ever as late or missed payments will show up in your credit report and you can keep your report strong by making your debt payments on time, by the due date.

What does your Credit File look like? You can obtain a free copy of your credit report through Credit Reporting Bodies such as Equifax.

You are entitled to 1 free copy per year.

Check your credit health and ensure there are no errors – Get the free copy of your credit report by clicking here