Go Mortgage CorporationMore and more investors are starting to get it.. If wealth creation through property is the best thing.. then there is no reason why it would not be the best thing for your Super just the same right?

We can show you how purchasing property comes together with SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund) homeloans… we understand the legislations and how they relate to the acquisition, setup and running of these loans and how building a portfolio with ‘borrowed money’ works in the SMSF space.

Using property leverage can dramatically change the financial horizon of your Super and retirement fund; and we’d love to support you through this journey as well as helping you build a portfolio ‘on the outside’.

DISCLAIMER - Of course you need to check with your financial planner or accountant if this will work for you as we cannot offer you Financial advice; we are credit advisers and can offer you support and advice on the finance products and finance strategy that will support the advice given by your financial planner and in support of the decision of the trustee of the fund (you)