Too many investors do not understand the crucial nature of planning the loan portfolio that goes with their well researched property portfolio.

Of course we all know that where you will make the ‘big bucks’ is in the performance of the property but we also need to understand that it is on the finance side of things that mistakes can be expensive.  The banks and lenders that put forward the money for your investment purchase will always be out to get the safest and most comfortable position on your assets.. and so if you are not vigilant you will give them too much control and security on your assets, and too much control over how well and quick you can keep growing your portfolio.


If we liken the game to Poker then at Go Mortgage we make it our mission to ensure that you keep in your hand most of the cards you are actually able to keep.. we make sure you don’t surrender those Aces when you don’t have to!

The difference for an investor between structuring an investment portfolio the right way versus the Bank’s way will be in the following outcomes:

  • Increased control of your Equity
  • Increased Safety with available buffers
  • Increased Borrowing Capacity
  • Maximised Tax Deductibility
  • Reduced Bank exposure with No Cross-collateralisation
  • Simpler Cashflow management