How much deposit you will need to buy a house depends on your circumstances naturally, sadly it also depends on who you ask.

So to put it simply; How much deposit do I need to buy a house?  Probably not as much as you might think in fact some banks tell you much more in some cases than is really needed.

At Go Mortgage we specialise in Low Doc Home Loans, Ex Bankrupt Loans, No Deposit Home Loans, Non Conforming Loans, Investment Loans and of a range of general personal loans and car loans.

Asking a mortgage broker like Go Mortgage is simple,we have access to several financial institutions and their products and because of that we can tailor a home loan to suit your needs. If you have been rejected by your bank,then give us a call here at Go Mortgage on 1300 855 244.  We will give you the facts about how much deposit you will need to buy a house.  If we can’t help you no one can.