Purchasing property and growing a portfolio is exciting in many ways.. some get a buzz from the research and buying process; All obviously love the benefits of long term capital growth however some unfortunately suffer form managing the ‘day in day out’ cashflow management process.  This can be due to a cashflow that is tight.. or messy.. or complex.


At Go Mortgage we believe that managing a portfolio should be easy and fun.. So we always ensure that your finance structure is simple to run, automated wherever possible and real easy to understand and keep an eye on.

Furthermore and very importantly we help to make well sure that in managing your portfolio you are not harming your tax deductions… on the contrary we can show you ways to nurture and/or preserve these.

Whether you have one investment property or a whole bunch of them it should not make too much difference to how easy the management can be.  This way we know that you will be able to grow your portfolio without dreading the (little) time you need to spend on looking after it.