o-HAPPY-COUPLE-facebookReal estate industry observers say most homebuyers have a similar wish list when it comes to buying a property regardless of whether they are single, a professional couple or a young family.

To help ensure the resale value of your home it pays to keep these things in mind when buying your first home.



1. Location

We all have a dream suburb or city that ticks all the boxes, but it can take a lot of looking before the right house comes up at the right price.

Once it does however, home buyers are usually willing to forgive a few things that aren’t up to scratch if the home is in the right location.

Buyers want to live in a neighbourhood that’s close to shops, close to where they work and study, and close to family and friends.

“The most important amenity to first home buyers is public transport. Busy young Australians want to be able to get around quickly and cost effectively.”

2. NBN Connection

Not all areas have the NBN yet, but estate agents are increasingly being asked about its presence when buyers looking through a home. If the  the NBN isn’t on, interest wanes.

On the flip-side, properties in NBN-ready areas are increasingly attractive to home buyers  who love the options it creates around entertainment and working from home.

“If your property is an NBN-connected area, chances are you’ll catch the interest of young first home buyers at the very least”

3. New & Modern

Gone are the days of buyers being primarily interested in the size of the block. Today they’re far more concerned about buying a turn-key property so they can get on with enjoying life.

A renovation project only appeals to a small percentage of the market. On the other hand, a new home in the right price bracket gives buyers the advantage of moving straight in without having to find more cash to renovate.

“Most home buyers want an easy maintenance home where all the work has been done for them – meaning less mowing, less cleaning and less hidden problems”

4. A second living area

A single living room isn’t enough for most home buyers today as they prefer to spread out throughout a home.

Even a small sunroom will appeal to buyers who want additional living space.

“This is particularly the case for families who have children. They are looking for enough space to allow children to play in a separate area of the home”

5. Modern wet areas

Home buyers can’t be bothered renovating the bathroom or kitchen. They want slick renovations with modern amenities so they can move straight in and enjoy the comfort.

Buyers love new bathrooms.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most important rooms in the home, with women ultimately making the final decision about a purchase based on these rooms.

6. A homey feel

It’s the million dollar feeling vendors are trying to create when listing their home for sale in the hope we’ll make an offer. That inexplicable feeling you get when you walk through the front door of your home at the end of a long day. That feeling of being home.

“A buyer needs to feel a sense of peace and calm in the space. It needs to feel like home right away”

7. Financial satisfaction

Buying a home is building nest egg for the future. Whether you’re buying a home to live in or an investment, making sure you’re not feeling financially overstretched is important.

Financial satisfaction means that the buyer feels that their purchase has been affordable and that they got value for money.

“Buyers don’t want to be a slave to their mortgage, and want to take into consideration a potential rate rise when purchasing so they don’t have that sinking feeling that they’re in over their head”

Financial peace also comes from being sure problems with the home won’t emerge down the track, he says.