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We love spreading the love with our Referral Rewards program! Now, you and your friends can not only enjoy our loan services, you can also earn fantastic rewards. For every successful referral, you’ll receive a $100 reward*. Plus, Go Mortgage will make a donation to a deserving charity from our preferred charity list. It’s a win for you, your friends, and a charity! 🌟

How It Works:

Refer friends, family, and colleagues!

1. Spread the Word: Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about your experience with Go Mortgage. When they reach out to us, make sure they mention that you referred them.

2. Verification and Referral Process: To ensure that you’re eligible for the reward, we’d prefer if you let us know before referring the deal or send us the deal directly. This way, we can verify the referral with you, and note you into our system for the Refer a Friend program. Once verified, you’ll be eligible for the reward, provided the referred client settles successfully.

3. Successful Settlement, Reward Earned: For your referral to be successful, your referral must reach a successful settlement. Soon after this settlement, you will receive a $100 referral reward gift card!

The easiest way to refer is to email the team at info@gomc.com.au or click the button below!

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