At Go Mortgage, we provide a boutique mortgage service that goes beyond just getting you finance.

We specialise in building, managing & structuring our investors portfolio and looking after their financial affairs.  We are interested in building a clientele and nurturing the relationship for the long term.. We are not in it for the short term or interested in simply ‘writing a deal’.

With every single one of our client we will follow a step by step process and analysis that will cover:

  • Assessing your current structure and highlighting necessary tweaks or changes if necessary.
  • Developing the optimal mortgage structure to suit your personal circumstance.
  • Making recommendations on how to effectively utilise your tax deductible borrowings.
  • Explaining the advantages and pitfalls of Line of Credit Accounts and how these can help you pay your mortgage off years faster.
  • Explaining how negative gearing works and how to maximise your cash flow.
  • Offering you a quality service for the life of the loan, not just until your loan is processed!
  • Touching base every 12-36 months to ensure you finance arrangements are still competitive and still suit your circumstances