Non Conforming Loans

bad-credit1-250x250Many Borrowers have become a victim of Lenders tightening  their credit policies. A vast majority of these borrowers are more than capable of servicing a loan but for one reason or another they don’t comply with prime lender policies. This is where 'non conforming Loans' come into their own.. 

If you think you are in this predicament discover below if there is an option to suit you:


Ex Bankrupt?

Get back into home ownership now with a 'Non Confirmng Loan'

We have specialist lenders that can lend you up to 95% of the property value on a purchase and up to 85% on a refinance on a residential zoned property and purchase or refinance on vacant land or 80% on a construction loan from 1 day after your discharged bankruptcy.


Self Employed?

If you do not fit into the Banks format for Self Employed, then you may have already found that finding a home loan can be difficult.

We have low doc home loans for both 'clean credit' and 'credit impaired' situations for the purchase, construction or refinance of Residential Properties.

If it is your Tax Returns figures or history that is the issue, then we have Alternative verification of income options that can include either an Accountant's letter, 6-12 months of lodged BAS statements or 3-6 months of business bank statements or a combination thereof.


Bad Credit?

Credit Impaired or bad credit home loans are available for applicants that have past or present credit impairments.  These allow for funding of a purchase, debt consolidation or refinance of Residential property including vacant land or for construction of an owner occupied property.

Some of these funding lines allow for refinancing to a prime loan when credit issues have dropped off from credit file... and if they don't we will work with you over time to get you back into 'mainstream' financing.


If there is a way to get you back on track we will find it.. get in touch by competing the enquiry form on the top right side of this page and let's get started


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