Free-ebookThe banks and the home loans they provide are very important in your financial development. Without them it would be very hard to create any wealth or purchase any substantial asset.

However, the banks and their home loans are more than often designed to maximize profits for their shareholders rather than to look after your interest as a customer.

This booklet has been written to shed some light and expose some of the less known facts and myths surrounding home loans and banking practices.


Bank Trick #3 –  Cross Collateralisation  /  Lenders may suggest this as a solution; however it’s fraught with problems.The primary danger is that it limits your choices. You won’t be able to choose the best deal in the market if your loans are cross-collateralized. This is an attempt by the Bank to control all your assets in the way that they want it to.  It is important to put in place ‘Firewalls’ between your properties in case something happens to you in terms of cashflow.”


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